Appreciate the effort you’ve gone to here, and good to have a balancing voice. Not sure if I’ll ever have the time to tackle them all, and I’m sure there are some good points, but I will say off the bat that “We have no say in European parliament” is nonsense (although we might exert more influence if fewer of our Euro MEPs were from UKIP, and actually turned up and fucking debated and voted); “We haven’t won a vote in 20 years” is a shameful lie — we just haven’t successfully voted anything down, which is completely different—and the stuff about 75% of UK laws coming from the EU is also baloney, based on a figure from Nigel Farage quoting an EU commissioner who had no facts to hand. Best estimates are somewhere between 15% and 55%, and it’s worth remembering that most of those govern piddly matters such as clothing sizes, power ratings and food packaging.

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