I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I appreciate the considered response.

I did attempt to explain in the post that the right don’t have exclusive dibs on logical fallacies. I’ve seen some egregious examples of cherry-picking and hypocrisy from liberals. But in my experience, it’s the neo-Nazis and self-styled “libertarians” who are the true masters of deception — chiefly because the message they have to deliver is so horrific, they are obliged to disguise it. In any case, it would please me greatly if both sides digested and acted on the above information. Debates are better with the lights on, are they not?

As for the remainder of your points:

  1. History suggests that mankind, over its short span, has become less violent, more tolerant, and more liberal. This makes a lot of evolutionary sense, as cooperating creatures will always outcompete violent, selfish, tribal ones. This gives me hope that the creed of segregation and intolerance is, if not yet dead, then exhaling its death-rattle.
  2. There are still enough scary fucks on the right who would not just silence us, but destroy us in a heartbeat, if only they had the weapons and our addresses. The right disowns them, disingenuously. You made them. Acknowledge them.
  3. It’s only propaganda if you don’t believe it.

Merry Christmas, and take care now.

Newsperson and scriptwriter. Blogs at http://rainbowsandlollipops.net/

Newsperson and scriptwriter. Blogs at http://rainbowsandlollipops.net/