Immigration: the pros — and the big con

It’s way past time we had a grown-up, informed conversation about freedom of movement

Warning: pot of gold at end of rainbow may turn out to be punch in face

The downsides

‘They’re stealing our jobs’

‘They’re driving down wages’

‘They’re all scroungers’

‘They’re all criminals’

‘They’re putting pressure on housing and social services’

‘They’re destroying our culture’

‘They don’t integrate’

‘Allowing free movement within the EU discriminates against non-EU citizens’

‘They’re all riddled with disease’

‘They’re replacing the native population’

The upsides

They fill skills shortages

They’re great for business

They enhance our culture

They boost the economy

They compensate for falling birthrates

They enhance our personal lives

They make war less likely

So that means …

“Illegal immigration is a fine-toothed comb. The system catches the clumsy or the clueless; only the best, the bravest and the luckiest slip through. It should never surprise us when migrants prosper; nearly all of them have passed an exacting extrance exam.”

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